Boise IDaho Glass Recycling Goes Curbside


Boise Idaho is facing  a classic problem inherent in waste recycling today.  Nobody, not even  recyclers, want glass.  It weighs much more than the other recyclables (paper, aluminum, plastic) so it costs a lot to dispose of in landfills.  It sticks to everything, so, when it is commingled with other collected recyclables, it has to be removed at considerable expense.  Boise’s solution is to have it’s residents separate their glass from the rest of the waste stream at curbside.  Good idea, except they are charging residents $10/month for this service.  The fact is, most Americans don’t even want to separate their recyclables, let alone  pay for its disposal.  They would rather get rewarded for their efforts to keep wastes from accumulating in landfills;  thus the solution provided by RecycleBank in several cities in the US and abroad.

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