GMG’s Technology



  • GMG’s Basic Technology

  • GMG’s basic technology provides for the de-colorization and subsequent recolorization of mixed color cullet in the production of glass containers.  In so doing, it allows the glass manufacturer to use multiple colored cullet (amber, green, flint) to produce a single color glass, matching rigorous color and transmissivity standards required for many glass products.  It accomplishes this in a manner which allows the glass manufacturer to replace virgin raw materials with a former waste product (mixed cullet)


Furnace-ready, Three-Mix Cullet


  • GMG’S Batch Formulation System

  • GMG’s Batch Formulation System (BFS) is a user-friendly software program based upon a GMG proprietary series of algorithms representing the full spectrum of furnace batch materials and their chemistry.  The BFS technology, combined with the Austrian producer Binder+Co’s Clarity optical scanning equipment, enables the manufacturer to further increase savings through the use of start-of-the-art optical scanner/feeder with advanced software which instantaneously reports color distribution weights and cullet chemistry in each batch sent to the furnace.  Using these real time reports on the incoming cullet stream, the furnace operator can make formula modifications in chemicals and virgin materials to ensure uniform colored glass production.

Binder+Co Clarity Optical Scanner used with GMG’s Batch Formulation System

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