Who We Are

Green Mountain Glass, LLC (GMG) is wholly owned and managed by GRTechnology, Inc., developer of the patented CulChrome© technology.

This technology offers financial benefits to glass manufacturers, cullet processors and recyclers, municipalities and consumers, while also providing for a cleaner environment.  It has proven to be a revolutionary advance that can increase cullet use and enhance the economics of the glass value chain by introducing large quantities of mixed color cullet in glass production.

The CulChrome© technology thus addresses and overcomes the greatest barrier facing glass recycling today – the growing amounts of post-consumer, mixed color cullet produced as a result of single stream, commingled collection of recyclable materials in the solid waste stream.

GMG is aggressively exploring alliances and marketing programs to facilitate the movement of large quantities of mixed color cullet into the glass manufacturing stream.  This, in turn, will dramatically increase opportunities for glass recycling communities across the U.S. and throughout the world.

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